I’m covering my head in shame

Yesterday I chose to wear a scarf that was given to me by a Turkish friend. With its edges lovingly hand tatted by my friend’s grandmother, it was intended as a hijab, the traditional head covering for Muslim women. Although I did not wear it as a head covering (that did not feel right), it reminded me of the love and warmth I experienced living among Muslims in Turkey.

I wore it because I feel distress at the hate mongering I hear from politicians, which has ramped up since the attacks in Paris last week. I am appalled at the conflation of terrorist attacks with the requests for granting asylum to Syrian refugees. Worse yet, some politicians are calling for restrictions on American citizens who have chosen Islam as their spiritual path.

Today I am praying for peaceful solutions. I am sending love to my Muslim sisters and brothers. They need our support, not our scorn. Jesus has an honored place as a prophet in Islam. What would Jesus think of so-called Christians condemning followers of the Quran?  I am covering my head in shame.



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